The Serial Display Source

GLO-416Y, Version 2

Scott Edwards Electronics, Inc. (Seetron) manufactures and sells serial displays (OLEDs, LCDs and VFDs) that easily interface to a computer or controller. All of our products are in stock for instant delivery, and we run a secure, hassle-free online store.

Introducing GLO-416Y Version 2.0

Our GLO-416Y serial OLED has received a significant upgrade. New features include:

Upgraded units (with the new made-in-America interface) are in stock and ready to ship now, quantity 1-100.

Faster Shopping, Cheaper Shipping

We've completed a major overhaul of our online shopping-cart system. The new setup is faster and easier to use. More importantly, it offers more and better shipping options, including free Ground shipping for large orders; USPS Priority Mail; and low flat rates from Fedex. Shipping options are available as soon as you drop items in the cart and enter your ship-to state. Finally, if you had a discount code on our old system, it's ready and waiting for you on the new one.