The Serial Display Source

Established 1994. Time flies!

Scott Edwards Electronics, Inc. (Seetron) manufactures and sells serial displays (OLEDs, LCDs and VFDs) that easily interface to a computer or controller. All of our products are in stock for instant delivery, and we run a secure, hassle-free online store.

Celebrating 20 years in Business

We launched our first commercial product, the LCD Serial Backpack, in 1994— 20 years ago! We continue to deliver this handy device, plus a complete line of serial LCDs, VFDs and OLEDs. Our products have undergone numerous updates over time, always with careful attention to backward compatibility. In fact, updates to the GLO-416Y are in the pipeline now, with more on the way. Stay tuned!

The biggest change in 2013 was a return to American manufacturing. We're now building our serial interfaces in Arizona and Colorado. This means better pricing (really!), a faster upgrade cycle and greater customization. Have a special requirement? Let us know.

Faster Shopping, Cheaper Shipping

We've completed a major overhaul of our online shopping-cart system. The new setup is faster and easier to use. More importantly, it offers more and better shipping options, including free Ground shipping for large orders; USPS Priority Mail; and low flat rates from Fedex. Shipping options are available as soon as you drop items in the cart and enter your ship-to state. Finally, if you had a discount code on our old system, it's ready and waiting for you on the new one.