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GLO-416Y 4x16 Multifont Serial OLEDs

GLO-416Y displays receive serial data at 9600bps and display it on a bright, high-contrast OLED screen in a range of six font sizes. With this display we've implemented just about every serial-display user's wishlist: high brightness/contrast, wide operating temp range, low power consumption, multiple font sizes, compact footprint and low cost. Looking for a smaller display with similar features? See GLO-216Y/G.

GLO-416 Features

NEW v2: GLO-416Y has undergone a significant upgrade to a faster, more-capable interface. See the upgrade guide for details.

  • Brilliant OLED (organic LED) display
  • Fits standard 98x60mm LCD footprint (i.e., std 4x20 size)
  • Six font sizes from regular 4x16 to huge 1x4 characters
  • Accepts normal inverted serial or UART-direct noninverted
  • EEPROM storage of startup screen, 16 custom characters
  • Uses a superset of our terminal-style instruction set (BPP, ILM, etc.)
  • Deep inventory for no-lead-time delivery

Basic Specifications

Power Requirements 4.8 to 5.3Vdc at 50mA (60mA max)
User Connector 5-pin header, 0.025in. posts on 0.10in. centers
Connector Pinout +5V Gnd Serial Gnd +5V
Serial Input 9600bps inverted or non-inverted, jumper configurable
Operating Temperature -40 to 80 C
Display Type Organic LED (OLED), yellow

Dimensions (in mm)

Total depth (front of screen to highest point on pcb) is 16mm.

A y offset edge to hole center (top & bottom) 2.50
B y pcb height 60.00
C y hole spacing 55.00
D y screen opening 25.20
E1 y character height (4-line fonts) 4.20
E2 y character height (2-line fonts) 8.40
E3 y character height (1-line fonts) 16.8
E4 y character height (7-seg*) 19.1
F1 x character width (16-character fonts) 2.95
F2 x character width (8-character fonts) 5.90
F3 x character width (4-character fonts) 11.8
G x offset pcb edge to hole center 2.50
H x screen frame 94.00
I x screen opening 77.00
J x hole spacing 93.00
K x pcb width 98.00
L y frame height 32.00
- mounting hole diameter 2.50
- screen frame depth 4.7
*Large numbers (1x4 and 1x8) can be displayed in 7-segment style, maximizing their overall size (32 pixels tall). Optionally, they can be displayed in the same proportions as large text, 28 pixels tall.

OLED Instructions

GLO-416 works like a mini-terminal, displaying text and responding to traditional control characters like linefeeds, carriage returns, tabs, etc. via a superset of the instructions used by our other advanced displays (BPP, ILM, VFD, SGX). GLO also offers six font sizes, and EEPROM memory for a startup screen and custom characters.

Control codes not listed below are ignored.

Instruction (ctrl code) ASCII Hex
Home cursor (ctrl-A) 1 0x01
Select font 1→2→3→4→5→6→1→... (ctrl-B) 2 0x02
Set font to normal, default 4x16 size (ctrl-C) 3 0x03
Backspace (ctrl-H) 8 0x08
Tab: jump to next multiple-of-4 column (ctrl-I) 9 0x09
Smart linefeed: move down one row (ctrl-J) 10 0x0A
Vertical tab: move up one row (ctrl-K) 11 0x0B
Formfeed: clear the screen (ctrl-L) 12 0x0C
Carriage return: move to start of next line (ctrl-M) 13 0x0D
Turn OLED driver on (ctrl-N) 14 0x0E
Turn OLED driver off to save power (ctrl-O) 15 0x0F
Accept cursor-position data (next byte) (ctrl-P) 16 0x10
Accept right-alignment data (ctrl-R) 18 0x12
Set 7-segment (tallest) big numbers (ctrl-S) 19 0x13
Set text-style big numbers (ctrl-T) 20 0x14
Escape character: begin multipart instruction 27 0x1B
ESC D n B0-B7 defines custom character n with bit patterns from bytes B0-B7.
ESC d n B0-B7 defines custom character n+8 with bit patterns from bytes B0-B7.
ESC E 0 recalls saved text from EEPROM.
ESC e 0 recalls saved custom-character set from EEPROM.
ESC X 0 stores text received since last clear-screen (including instructions) to EEPROM.
ESC x 0 stores current custom-character set to EEPROM.


  • BEZ-416G mounting kit with custom Lexan faceplate, hardware
  • BSW-CBL wiring harness, 12" power, ground and serial wires to breadboard pins
  • PDI-CBL wiring harness, HD-style power connector, DE-9 female for PC internal hookup
  • PDX-CBL wiring harness, power, ground wires and DE-9 female for PC external hookup

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SAVE: Include a mounting kit and/or wiring harness with your order.

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